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Our Motive

Businesses in Grenada can be difficult to run with a lack of technology. It’s even more difficult when some IT service providers charge exorbitant rates. We aim to provide affordable IT services for small and medium-sized businesses to give Grenada the economic push needed.

Mission Statement

To provide Superior IT support for small and medium-sized businesses, personal and residential, being innovative with new technologies.

Vision Statement

Become a trusted service provider in the field of Information Technology. To be providing quality work that is also affordable.

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Satisfied Website Clients Portfolio & Testimonial

Caribbean Shutters Windows & Doors

Thanks to Terabyte GD, our company is now able to fully establish an online but personal relationship with our clients. Definitely would recommend Terabyte GD to those who are not familiar with the approach of establishing an online presence. Terabyte was exceptionally proactive when it comes to our budget and the requirements needed for our website as we needed to present as much info as possible while keeping it very simple to understand to avoid overwhelming our customers with info. The team was always easily accessible whenever we needed IT assistance and this is what we believed sets apart Terabyte with other companies in the industry. We will definitely be recommending Terabyte GD to all of our clients. Our entire system is running flawlessly thanks to TB GD!

Nikieta Henry

“Terabyte is absolutely Ahmazing!!! After one consult, Terabyte was able to build my website and gave me a crash course on the back end of things. He even showed me how to access my webmail and made useful recommendations beneficial to my business and platforms. I feel very secure in my choice of Tech Support because communication and service is seamless.”

Cherry's Kitchen

“Excellent website and POS setup!”

Atlas Reserve

“Custom website from scratch works like a charm. Granted it took some time to make, it came out exactly how I wanted it!”

Radio Taxi & Tour


Info Trac

Excellent service!
At all times, Jordan was available to attend to my suggestions and requests. He worked effectively and efficiently on revamping my existing website. He also made suggested changes in quick turn-around time!
Highly recommend!

Our Team

Jordan Batihk

Chief Executive Officer

Selena Jones

Chief Operating Officer

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We all need a help in hand now and again. Our main goal is to provide affordable IT services, especially for small businesses. We offer payment plans to help with cash flow!

We offer both air and ocean freight. Although unpredictable, we can give you an estimate date!

Air freight typically takes between 1-2 weeks, while ocean freight can take between 2 weeks to a couple months.

Consult your contract or the contracted company to see if they allow it. Once they allow it, we’ll allow it!

Yes we do! We tether all our services to your needs, expectations and budget!

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