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Our Email Services

We offer a wide range of email services. This will help boost customer conversation when you have a professional business email. Below are the 2 main packages; they can be altered and tailored to your liking!


$ 400 XCD $150 USD
  • 5 Business Emails
  • Billed 85 XCD Monthly
  • 30 GB Mailbox
  • Google Apps
  • Hosted with Google Workspace


$ 1,600 XCD $600 USD
  • 10 Business Emails
  • Billed 330 XCD Monthly
  • 2 TB cloud storage per user
  • Google Apps
  • Hosted with Google Workspace

Why have a business email?

There’s hundreds of reasons why, but here’s the most common!

Professional Look

Large businesses and clients look for business emails when looking for services. It will definitely bring a wider clientele.

Manage Staff Emails

If you have client confidentiality, business emails can be tailored to ensure email security.

Brand Promotion

By sending out emails with your business’ domain, people will most likely visit it.